Ty has been a silent player in the music industry but a big voice for many of entertainments top players. Since 1997, beginning as a intern at Arista Records and then for LL Cool J Inc., her career has grown exponentially. Adapted from her memoir, FOR THE LOVE IF MUSIQ, her short film has been featured in many film festivals. This narrative short film won BEST OF THE FEST 2018 at the Hip Hop Film Festival, where there were more than 150 submissions. Ms. Powell served as the Supervising Producer on the short film, Two Days In Harlem, which aired on The Aspire Network. Ty is now producing some new projects that are currently in the works. For The Love of Musiq is a compelling memoir of true accounts of a young girl who survived living in group homes, homeless shelters, drug addicted grandparents and child abuse. As a single parent, Ms. Powell has raised her son to be a strong and socially responsible person. She has transformed her memoir into a short film and was in 2018.

    Ty, as she prefers to be called, is in the process of forming partnerships with foster care agencies and group homes to help transition individuals and families into better situations where they are not shuffled through the system as she was. To forge a releationship and commit herself to helping today's youth to guarentee that they won’t have to experience what she’s gone through is, as Ty adamantly voices, “This is important work that needs to be done. I want to promote pro-social friendships, strong interpersonal skills and reassert a sense of hope in these people and families futures. The shelter system can be hard and can make you harder and bitter. I was lucky. I had God, strong role models and good friends. Everyone doesn’t have that. ”


    Ty’s social responsibility walks hand in hand with her ability to co-produce major projects in the entertainment industry. Her professional ascend over the last 3 decades has been a career that is worthy of a standing ovation. Always postitive, always smart, always strong and always motivating. Never a quitter.    

    As you open these pages, you will clearly see that Ms. Ty Powell is a major force for the world with a backbone made of steel and a heart made of gold.




Motivational Speaker


Hip Hop Film Festival

Best of The Fest Award 2018